Trials and Tribulations

First Encounters

The small town of Stoneybrook resides close to the northern forests and the capital city of Silverymoon. An elven mercenary, Ixen Farhoff goes into town searching for a way to earn a living while traveling. Without meaning to, he helps in the apprehension of a thief who stole from the local church of Tyr. The paladin and cleric in pursuit thank Ixen for his time, and quickly invite him to meet their spiritual leader at the church and discuss a possible compensation for his deed. Feigning respect for anything religious, Ixen agrees to go. They introduce themselves as Sargoth Rouse and Colin Barthol, devout servants of Tyr who wish to prove themselves. Upon reaching the church, Ixen meets an elderly man sitting in an old rocking chair, who is introduced as Father Jeremiah, the leader of the church in Stoneybrook. He thanks Ixen for his valor and wishes him to stay in the local inn at the expense of the church to possibly help with some bandit raids they have been having on the outskirts of town. Reluctant at first, Father Jeremiah says he will compensate the warrior for his time and effort. Ixen agrees and makes his way to the inn and awaits the next morning.

Sargoth and Colin meet Ixen and tell him they are going to one of the more heavily traveled trading routes leading out of town and into the metropolis of Silverymoon. The group comes upon a wagon with an older gentleman and a younger woman who appears to be his daughter. With the back of the wagon covered, there is no way to see in the back, and this does not sit well with Ixen. Moving around to the back and pulling the tarp off, the bandits are caught unaware. After making quick work of them, the group searches their bodies to find a note from their superior, who simply went by the name of “commander”. According to the paper, the bandits reside in a mountain stronghold to the north.

The group makes their way up a secluded and hidden path, finally coming to a ramshackled fort made from the ruins of a much older building. Ixen is able to sneak up on the sentries and take them out quietly. With the guards down, they infiltrate the building, slaying most of the bandits without too much trouble. After clearing out the main portion of the barracks, they find the office of the “commander” . A tall, good looking human in a suit of full plate stands behind a desk, putting on the last piece of his armor, while making jibes at the group for taking so long to get there. He says it was inevitable that they would meet just as their defeat is also inevitable. After a struggle which leaves them all on the brink of death, the man chuckles and thanks them for a combat worthy of his time before taking a small black bead from his belt and throws it to the ground, sending out a concussive force that knocks the group out. Upon waking, they find the man to be gone, taking all of his books and papers that were in the office with him. They return to town, upset about their failure, but are instead treated like heroes for clearing out the bandits and allowing trade to continue into the small town.

With a job well done, Father Jermiah asks them to seek out a friend of his and help him with a few tasks that he needs to accomplish. This man, Lord Starpyre, will pay a hefty premium for adventurers who he can trust to help him with his quests. He lives in a small keep just above Baulder’s Gate. He is a devout servant to the Over God Allerion and is one of his Avatars on the material plane. After getting paid and agreeing to undertake the next mission, Ixen goes off to stay at the inn for the evening, while Sargoth and Colin speak with Jeremiah in private. Jeremiah tells the pair he has communed with Tyr and that Ixen plays a very important role in the shaping of the world to come, and must be kept alive and trained, so that he may be ready for the choices and struggles yet to come. With a grim nod and no questions asked, they set out to make their master and Tyr proud.

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