Welcome! This is the story of a campaign which I played in for a long time. The character I played, as well as the characters of some friends became very important to us over the years we played in this game and I wanted to write this up so everyone could experience the epic nature of this campaign. We started out at 2nd lvl. and moved our way up to 23 or so. We played every week at least once over the course of about 2 years and then on and off again for another year.

In this retelling of the campaign, you will primarily get things from my view point and that of my character (which is an Elven Soul Knife). Our DM played quite a bit during the older editions of DnD so he is quite creative and used a great deal of outside the book information and items so don’t get upset if something does not appear to make sense rules wise to you. So enjoy the story and if you have any questions just hit me up.

Trials and Tribulations